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The goal of the GGF (perhaps short for “Good GUI Framework”) project is to apply basic principles of good OO-design to the development of HTML-applications. Our starting point is the experience that the document metaphor may be perfect for websites, but does not fit very well for database applications – especially if they have to be transaction-save. For these classical GUI dialog flows, as known from desktop applications, fit better.


Is it possible to design web applications just like GUI dialogs?


The GGF framework consists of concepts, documentation and a set of PHP classes that allow development of web applications in a style very similar to GUI programming. It allows implementing web applications that work according to the object/action principle everyone is familiar with from desktop GUI applications. The client side is pure HTML (no JavaScript needed) but the server side is pure object oriented PHP5. GGF applications may look a bit different from what you are used to at your desktop, but the inner structures and the dialog behaviour are the same. The GGF framework offers an interface to SQL databases like MySQL that simplifies development of complex database applications. It supports for instance the concept of nested transactions.


Is it possible to develop HTML applications without writing HTML?


HTML is an important standard. We all like standards. But not all of us like to write HTML. This can be very time-consuming. The GGF framework provides classes for windows, dialogs and GUI controls. These generate all HTML code that is necessary to build typical information systems. If you are satisfied with the default appearance you will never have to write a single line of HTML. You don’t have to, but you can. If you are experienced with HTML you may override the CSS and HTML generating methods and tailor the appearance of the application as needed.


The first release of GGF was in 2005 and we still don’t run out of ideas to implement.

We invite you to explore the architecture, try a demo application and share your experiences with us. Best of all: it’s free





We would be glad to hear your opinion.


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- send bug reports to office11 @ reinhtml.eu .


If you like to actively contribute your own ideas to GGF, you will be welcome in the GGF team!


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