Q: What are the main application areas of GGF ?

A: Professional database applications with HTML user interface.


Q: Why HTML and not Javascript and AJAX ?

A: Security reasons. GGF applications run also under the most restrictive security settings of web browsers.


Q: In which language is GGF written ?

A: it is written in PHP5


Q: What’s about performance. Isn’t PHP too slow for professional applications ?

A: PHP may be not too fast out of the box, but – as a recent performance contest showed -  with APC (advanced PHP cache) activated, it can outperform Java and C++. Many well known web sites like facebook are implemented in PHP.


Q: Which databases will be supported ?

A: Out of the box it supports MySQL 5. Adaptation to other databases is possible.


Q: Is MySQL ready for prime time ?

A: In most cases: yes. Its fast and reliable. There are many examples for professional use of MySQL. Since version 5 it supports views and stored procedures which were the last missing important features.


Q: Is it object oriented  ?

A: yes. Many years of OO experience with Smalltalk, Object Pascal, C++, and Java ran into it.


Q: Is GGF free ?

A: Yes, GGF is free under the terms of the APACHE License modified by some points. See the license.htm.


Q: How to get support ?

A: First read the FAQ. If you don’t find what you need, write a mail to office11 @  We will try to answer soon.


Q: Where can I express my wishes to further development of GGF ?

A: Write a mail to office11 @  We will try to answer soon.